Providing CNC Milling, CNC Turning and Component Assembly services to leaders in the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and Commercial industries since 1949.

CNC Milling

Specializing in multi-axis tight tolerance CNC Milling with over two-dozen machining centers. Bed sizes capable of making plastic or metal components up to 50-inches in length.

Experts in custom solutions for both prototype and production quantities.

CNC Turning

Super-Precision SP CNC Turning centers produce highly accurate components.

Automated bar feeding up to 2.5-inch diameter materials through spindle.

Manual chucking of materials up to 12-inch diameter.

High PERFORMANCE Specifications

Precision components manufactured to the greatest level of detail using the latest technology. Over the years we have provided components that helped in the manufacture of products such as:

  • Tomahawk Cruise Missiles
  • Abrams M-1 Tank Periscopes
  • Avenger Air Defense Missile Systems
  • Electro Counter Measures (ECM) devices
  • “CROWS” Remote Weapon Systems and Aerial Reconnaissance Cameras
  • Tow Missiles Sights (image transfer assembly – land based and tow under armor)

Inspection, Validation, and Verification


Our in-house quality department maintains professionally calibrated equipment.

We are GD+T proficient and utilize both an optical and gantry CMM to ensure your first articles are correct.


ITAR registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC).

As a supplier to various US Government agencies, our processes and

procedures are governed in part by Federal Acquisition Regulations


Supply Chain / Vendor ManageD Inventory

Ask about our VMI or longer-term purchasing agreement options with discounted pricing for production volumes.

Benefit from this value-added relationship by reducing stock shortages and costly last-minute orders.

Consolidate your supply chain by utilizing our extensive knowledge to execute services such as metal finishing,
coatings, part marking, component sourcing and product assembly.